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Do you like clubbing or dancing? Do you like having good and tasty drinks. Well, I think this is the club for you. If you are located in Chicago. This club always gets good ratings. No matter what. They have good bartenders and great music.

I’ve been to this club a couple times and really enjoyed myself. This is a gay bar just to inform you. By reading the reviews some people dont know that this is a gay bar until they walk in. Jeffery Pub is really accepting of the LGBTQ+ community. If you are thinking about taking your friends out late night, try the Jeffery Pub. You will be surprised. A good amount of people come here as well. 🌈🌈

Public Reviews From Google

  • Edna Hill “First time being at Jeffery Pub in 20 years. I was pleasantly surprised. Clean, comfortable and kind staff”
  • Juliet Davis “Best drink ever music host ever”
  • Teaunto Stephans ” Very beautiful decor excellent cocktails great music”
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Solving Problems With Long Distance Relationships

Everyone loves topics about “love”. Everyone wants to be loved by someone. It’s a good feeling to feel loved. But, sometimes you can love from a distance and it’ll still be the same love out there if you play your cards right. By distance, I mean long distance relationships. Long distance relationships has its pros and cons. Today I will be discussing why it’s good to do a long distance relationship. I will also be discussing my outside thoughts on long distance relationships.

Considering the fact, that I’ve never been in a long distance relationship. Long distance relationships is a process to keep up with. You have to keep up with the person at all times. Once you don’t hear from them, it’s like all hell breaks loose. That’s where the problems comes in at. These thoughts are coming from an outsider. I’ve always dated some one close to me. So, I could imagine dating some one far from me.

Within the LGBTQ+ Community, there’s a lot of relationships that are long distance. We tend to fall in love easy. Distance most times doesnt matter to us when love comes in the picture. I’ve seen plenty of long distance couples on YouTube who seem to be working out fine. That right there gives me hope within our community. Those couples are very inspiring to a lot of us. I’m not going to mention any. I want to see if some of you all might know those couples. That’s where the discussion comes in at. Now, let’s get right with the topic shall we.

It’s good to do a long distance relationship because you will always have something to discuss amongst each other. It’s also good to do a long distance relationship because the time apart that you have from each other. It will make you both cherish the moments more that you have with each other. COMMUNICATION is key with any relationship but, with long distance relationship you have to practice great COMMUNICATION. If you don’t communicate, you have nothing to work with. That’s the sad part.

I feel like within the LGBTQ+ Community, we forget to communicate with others. We get so sidetracked by being by ourselves we forget it’s some one else in the picture. That’s coming from my own experience with dealing with women. I personally feel like if you can’t communicate than it’s no need to move further. PERIOD!!! Now, here are some of my outside thoughts on long distance relationships.

I personally feel like if you are clingy. I feel like you shouldn’t do a long distance relationship. You will be in suffering mode. You will want to talk, and be underneath your partner at all times. If you want to, shoot your shot. No judgement over here. I would just tell you to be careful with that. I feel like with women we get attached more and we miss each other. Well, because you all know what goes down with women in general. Welp, I think I covered everything I just about wanted to discuss on this topic. If you want me to get deeper, let me know. I would definitely do it for you. Talk with you all tomorrow. πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹

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Introductory to “LGBTQ+ Discussions”

Welcome to “OUR” blog. By “OUR” this is my blog and yours. LGBTQ+ Discussions will be focused on our community and nothing outside of it. We will discuss serious topics such as relationships, friendships, family, situationships, dating websites and more. This blog will not create any negativity well maybe just on the reviews. Their will be posts daily and I hope to gain some fantastic readers. I hope to gain some fantastic readers that will actually engage. By engaging, I mean reading, liking, commenting, and sharing. When we engage with each other, it makes life so much fun and easier to deal with. Even though we our online, think of it as a conversation in person.

Let me explain each topic in depth.

Topic #1 Relationships

In this topic,

We will discuss relationships such as intimate relationships with our partner, relationships within our families, and outside relationships such as work, friends, etc….. We will discuss how to keep a relationship, what is a relationship, developing and so much more.

Topic #2 Friendships

This is the friendships topic. We will discuss things similar to relationships. We will discuss how to make friends, what is a friend?, how many friends should you have and more. Friendships and relationships could both go in different area of aspects. So, just be prepared. (In a good way)

Topic #3 Family

This is the family topic. We will discuss how to come out to our family, family members accepting your partner, how well your family supports you and etc. This topic can get really deep.

Topic #4 Situationships

This topic is situationships. We will discuss what are situationships, how to deal with them or how to come out of them. Situationships can be really hard to come out of . That’s why I want to discuss this one.

Topic #5 Dating Websites

As you can see in my previous post “My Shitty Review on “TAIMI”. We will discuss how to be safe on dating websites, how to not get catfished, etc…. I will also do more reviews. They might be a little negative but, that’s the only thing that will be negative.

More Topics Will Include

Mental Health Such As

  • Major Depressive Disorders
  • Psychosis
  • Schizophrenia
  • Bipolar Disorder

This is basically an outline on what will be upcoming on “Our” blog. I hope that you are at least a little interested. LGBTQ+ Discussions will be the next and upcoming blog out there. I will promote it to the tea.

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My Shitty Review On “TAIMI” πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ


A random person on “HER” which is a dating app. They recommended an app called “TAIMI”. I’m not sure if any of you heard of it but, I’m sure you have. “TAIMI is a social networking, and dating app that caters to all LGBTQ+ people”. According to wikipedia. From my own experience, I haven’t had any luck. No one responds to my messages nor no one knows how to hold a conversation. I always end up finding people far away. That really irks my nerves. I dont know if I’m just having bad luck or other people are experiencing this. What does this all sound like to you? Of course, this sounds like all the other dating apps that we have. Dating apps such as HER, POF (PLENTY OF FISH), TINDER, HINGE, BUMBLE, OKCUPID, ETC….. Just to name a few. Now, since these apps are only showing people who are far away. More people are starting to become “open-minded” to the long distance relationships. I guess that’s a good thing but, for some people it’s not. It’s not because some people prefer their partner to be close to them. I truly could understand that. This is kind of a negative review. I know I said that it wouldn’t be anything negative on this blog. I honestly just had to get this off my chest. Sorry guys, just ahead of time. I apologize to the people created the app “TAIMI”. I’m trying to have faith in this new dating app. But, guess what? I’m not the only one. Maybe just maybe, if we had more options in our areas. Everything would workout perfectly fine. But, in the “real world” that’s not how it works. We have to suffer. I just feel like we shouldn’t. Also, another issue I have with “TAIMI”, is that we have to pay or be on some type of subscription. If the subscription ends, we cant use the special features that they have. I thought that since this was a new and upcoming dating app. It would be different. But, nope I was wrong. It’s just like the rest. In all honestly, I have paid for this app and Tinder. I only paid because I am seriously looking. I just wouldnt recommend it. It’s just like the rest of them. But, if you want, shoot your shot (like they say) and try to make that basket. (Hopefully you caught on to that). 🀣🀣🀣

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So today I wanted to discuss labeling the wrong ones. When we see some ones face, the first thing we do is judge. I honestly dont think that is fair. I say that because you never know a person until you actually get to meet them. Sometimes we got to ask questions before we judge. We have to be mindful of that. I’m pretty sure you heard this a thousand times. “Never Judge A Book By Its Cover”……Well, that quote is true no matter who wrote it. In the world of lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, Pansexuals, Queers, etc….WE ALL GET JUDGED NO MATTER WHAT….We get judged because of our sexuality and I feel like that is non sense. You know what else I feel like is non sense, judging our own kind. This is what I mean by “LABELING THE WRONG ONES”…….In 5, 4,3,2,1…….We put labels on each other. They are called studs, stems, femmes, no labels, and etc…….BOOOM!! I GOTCHA!! YOU ARE CAUGHT!! When we put a label on some one, we have to be mindful on how that might make the other person feel uncomfortable. You might look at a female and think she’s a “stud” when in nationality she’s really a “femme”. You get where I’m coming from now, dont you? Well, what does a stud look like? A stud is someone who dresses tomboyish. Well, what does a femme look like? A femme is someone who dresses really girly. Well, what does a stemme look like? A stemme is someone who dresses girly and tomboyish. Well, what does a no label look like? A no label dresses any old kind of way and doesnt label them self’s at all. That’s what I am. I PREFER TO BE CALLED A “NO LABEL”…..It makes things so much easier. But, people often mistake me as a stud because of the way I dress and short hair. Just because someone has short hair and doesnt dress girly does not I REPEAT does not make them a stud. PERIOD…….Some people could get really offended. I think we should all just stop labeling period and let every one be happy as who they are. Welp, this is my first discussion. SIMPLE RIGHT? Now, go right ahead and comment away. I need plenty of feedback. 1, 2, 3 GO!!!! 🌈


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