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My Shitty Review On “TAIMI” 🤷‍♀️


A random person on “HER” which is a dating app. They recommended an app called “TAIMI”. I’m not sure if any of you heard of it but, I’m sure you have. “TAIMI is a social networking, and dating app that caters to all LGBTQ+ people”. According to wikipedia. From my own experience, I haven’t had any luck. No one responds to my messages nor no one knows how to hold a conversation. I always end up finding people far away. That really irks my nerves. I dont know if I’m just having bad luck or other people are experiencing this. What does this all sound like to you? Of course, this sounds like all the other dating apps that we have. Dating apps such as HER, POF (PLENTY OF FISH), TINDER, HINGE, BUMBLE, OKCUPID, ETC….. Just to name a few. Now, since these apps are only showing people who are far away. More people are starting to become “open-minded” to the long distance relationships. I guess that’s a good thing but, for some people it’s not. It’s not because some people prefer their partner to be close to them. I truly could understand that. This is kind of a negative review. I know I said that it wouldn’t be anything negative on this blog. I honestly just had to get this off my chest. Sorry guys, just ahead of time. I apologize to the people created the app “TAIMI”. I’m trying to have faith in this new dating app. But, guess what? I’m not the only one. Maybe just maybe, if we had more options in our areas. Everything would workout perfectly fine. But, in the “real world” that’s not how it works. We have to suffer. I just feel like we shouldn’t. Also, another issue I have with “TAIMI”, is that we have to pay or be on some type of subscription. If the subscription ends, we cant use the special features that they have. I thought that since this was a new and upcoming dating app. It would be different. But, nope I was wrong. It’s just like the rest. In all honestly, I have paid for this app and Tinder. I only paid because I am seriously looking. I just wouldnt recommend it. It’s just like the rest of them. But, if you want, shoot your shot (like they say) and try to make that basket. (Hopefully you caught on to that). 🤣🤣🤣


LGBTQ+ Discussions will be focused on our community only and nothing outside of it. we will discuss serious topics such as relationships, friendships, family, situationships, dating websites and more. This blog will not create any negativity towards anybody. Their will be posts daily and I hope to gain some fantastic readers. Bring your coffee and let's get to discussing some amazing topics. 🌈

4 thoughts on “My Shitty Review On “TAIMI” 🤷‍♀️

  1. Dating apps are tricky in general because many people treat them for hookup only. I think today’s society forgot how to date one another and put in the effort to build a serious relationship. I wish you luck in finding someone. I’m taking a break from them to keep building myself and not reading continuous messages saying “ur hot” or “send nudes.”

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    1. Yes they are tricky. I agree with everything you just said. Most people are definitely looking for hookup only and that annoys me a lot. Yes they do forget. Thanks for wishing me luck. I wish you luck as well. I hope your break teaches you something.

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