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Within the LGBTQ+ community, we have what you call Butch & Femme. These are terms that most lesbians use. According to a butch is a “notably or deliberately masculine in appearance or manner”. A butch is some one who dresses very masculine basically. Most butches wear sports bras, boxers and gym shoes. This is coming from a person who dated women who were mostly masculine. They do have a little feminine side to them. What can we say? They are still women right? But, you would never catch a butch in a pair of heels and inches of hair. By inches of hair, I mean “weave”. You would never catch them in leggings or tight pants. You would catch them in loose Jean’s and tshirts. You would catch them in a nice outfit. Very nice lol. Most butches are known for having that one hair cut or dreads. (From what I’ve noticed.) Some butches act soft and some act hard. The ones that act hard tend to be mistaken for a guy. I feel that’s not right. That’s my description on butch.

Now, let’s talk about femmes. According to a femme is “a lesbian who is notably feminine in a appearance.” A feminine woman usually always keeps her nails done, wear dresses, long inches of hair, heels, etc. You might catch some femmes with a nice natural haircut. But, that’s rare and guess what? They get mistaken as a butch. I feel that’s not right. Femmes dress really girly. Most of them wear makeup. You would never catch a butch with makeup. You also have some femmes who act very masculine . Most butches are attracted to feminine woman. It’s very rare that you would catch a butch attracted to a masculine woman. What I’ve noticed on dating websites, in a butch profile, they would say “femmes only”. Most butches try to stay away from women who are more masculine than them. What’s the norm? A Butch & a Femme together as couple. It’s rare that you would catch a Butch & Butch together. If you do, than that’s awesome. You know what I’ve also noticed on these dating websites or just in general. Its plenty of femme on femme action going on. I’ve definitely noticed that. You actually can spot a lot femme on femme couples on YouTube. That’s also the norm. Well, my question to you is, what’s the norm to you? I’ll meet you in the comments. See you later.


LGBTQ+ Discussions will be focused on our community only and nothing outside of it. we will discuss serious topics such as relationships, friendships, family, situationships, dating websites and more. This blog will not create any negativity towards anybody. Their will be posts daily and I hope to gain some fantastic readers. Bring your coffee and let's get to discussing some amazing topics. 🌈

5 thoughts on “WORLD OF BUTCH & FEMME

  1. β—‡ – Diamond Hard – β—‡

    β—‡ Sexual Psychology; discuss or keep quiet for Your Own Peace of Mind and Sanity…it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that My Initial Contribution is We CHOOSE!!! then Claim We Have NO CHOICE!!!

    β—‡ – Diamond Hard – β—‡


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  2. I am female, mainly hetero, but have had some girl on girl action. They called me bi-curious. I am definitely not butch nor really interested in a lesbian relationship especially with a butch partner, but hey I ain’t knocking it and I have tried it.

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