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My apologies for being gone for the last three or two days. I was a bit busy and plus couldn’t come up with topics. But, I got inspired by youtubers and dating websites. I’ve decided to do my unpopular opinion on age gaps. I’m just going to dive right into it.

Age gaps are a little bit different in the LGBTQ+ Community. Some times we just dont care about the age because we love who we love. Love is love right? It is a line that you cross with that though. Let me tell you why there is a line you can cross with that. Within the age gaps, there comes some serious maturity. Especially, if you are young and dating someone older. You have to be very careful with that. I say that because some people can get turned off by childish decisions. It’s all about how you act. It’s all about how you carry your self. Your first impression is always your last impression. Unless, they give you a chance again. If you act ignorant, childish, unpleasant, most people will not want to date you. No matter what the age is. Let that sink in for a moment.

I’m 24. Im very mature for my age. I would say. In the dating scene, I have noticed some thing. I attract a lot of older women. Now, my age limit is 20- 30 years old. But, if it goes pass 30 years old, the cut off line is 35. I’m not going pass that age at all. That is too much for me. Not to be mean or anything but, I’m just saying. If you are like me, I like to date older. I like to date older because I like that old school vibe. When I say old school vibe, I mean like actually going on dates, actually talking on the phone, actually traveling and stuff like that. Within this younger generation and the LGBTQ+ community, I noticed a lot of people my age just wants to sit in the house. They just want to Netflix and chill. I personally dont like that and you know that what I’m saying is true. So, dont get offended.

Now, don’t get me wrong you might come across a few people in my generation who does those things. But, that’s only a few. Be mindful of that. If you find someone like that, hold on to them. If you are older and want to date some one younger. Be careful with that because family members have their say so and might disagree with that. Depends on how young they are though. Besides all the bullshit that people say about it, dont get upset about it. It’s your life and you are living it. That’s how I feel when it comes to age gaps. If you are in love, then who really gives a fuck…(excuse my language). I’ll tell you who would really give a fuck…. A HATER!! You all know what we say about haters. FUCK THEM!!!PERIOD!!!


LGBTQ+ Discussions will be focused on our community only and nothing outside of it. we will discuss serious topics such as relationships, friendships, family, situationships, dating websites and more. This blog will not create any negativity towards anybody. Their will be posts daily and I hope to gain some fantastic readers. Bring your coffee and let's get to discussing some amazing topics. šŸŒˆ


  1. ā™” There ARE Plenty of ‘January to December’ ~ Chaucer in The Straight Community too; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that “Age ain’t nuthin’ but a number…” ~ some song by some singer, look it up online EveryOne if you can be bothered


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  2. You are young enough to be my grandchild, but I have always preferred men older than myself although I married one very slightly younger than me. We are divorced now and when I dated the men were usually 10 years older. I am not enamored of most of the younger generation when it comes to relationships. I am old-fashioned and well at 63, I am really old-fashioned LOL! I am not really a member of the LTBTQ group, but like I said I have been with another female on several occasions. Maybe if I found the right female I might change my mind. Not too fond of men right now either.


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