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What do you all thing about this pornography going on with the LGBTQ+ Community? It’s so much out there especially on Pornhub. Yes, I watched some, dont judge me. We all grown here right?

I honestly dont think it’s okay to publish your body on the internet. I say that because you can get some nasty feedback from viewers. I see alot of lesbians on pornhub just out here without caring. I mean you can do what you want but, it’s still not right. I’m not body shaming or anything, just letting out my thoughts on this. You can attract pedophiles and rapists. You dont want that now do you? I’m sure you dont. That’s why you have to be careful on what you put on the internet. The internet is not always a friendly tool. I mean I don’t knock people who watch it. We’ve all watched it at one point in our lives. Right? You can be honest.

It’s okay to be honest. When putting your body out there, people can really talk bad about you. I only watched lesbians and I’ve never watched any of that other stuff. Not my thing but, it is other people who are apart of the LGBTQ+ Community on that website. Believe it or not. Let me tell you, some of it is not a pretty sight. What if you are trying to date and they seen your body on the internet? Do you know how many views they get on pornhub. Pornhub is one of the largest porn sites out there. Well, they already seen your body and it’s no longer a mystery. Some people can just use you for sex and not really your heart. You never know who would be there just for your heart. Yeah, I know it’s a sad world we live in today. I understand that lesbians or other individuals do porn to please themselves. I get that. But, you can do other things in order to please your self. Not necessarily showing your body off. Let’s discuss this in the comments section, shall we? See you there!!! ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿ‘‹


LGBTQ+ Discussions will be focused on our community only and nothing outside of it. we will discuss serious topics such as relationships, friendships, family, situationships, dating websites and more. This blog will not create any negativity towards anybody. Their will be posts daily and I hope to gain some fantastic readers. Bring your coffee and let's get to discussing some amazing topics. ๐ŸŒˆ


  1. Sounds like wise advice. Thereโ€™s many documentaries about revenge porn and articles of various women and men who were put in precarious situations in their careers and relationships with others due to photos that were mishandled

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