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I am the type who always dates studs. I never dated a femme. I never wanted to date a femme. It just wasnt my thing at that time. Well, what attracts me to a stud? I love studs who dress very tomboyish, has long hair, good hygiene is a must, and a stud who respect themselves. I know we are not supposed to be labeling anyone but, sometimes you got to do it. Now, I’m starting to sound like a hypocrite. Lord, help me. Lol. You have to do it though so, that nobody will get confused on what you are attracted to. It makes it just a little easier.

What makes me not attracted to a stud? A stud who smokes, drinks alot, rude, arrogant/all about self, doesnt treat their family right, lazy and more. I like soft studs because they can tend to be very romantic. I love that shit. My experience with a stud hasn’t been all that good though. That’s because they didnt take me serious as a human. One stud broke up with me because they thought I was too clingy. Then she had the nerve to turn around and ask did I want to be friends with her. I instantly said no. I didnt appreciate that because I invested some money into her and gave my all to her. I was all for her. I met her at a college. She was a dope person. I just felt like she broke up with me for a dumb reason. I’ve dealt with another stud who was always in her selfish ways. It was going good at first but, I didnt realize how selfish she was.

She moved out of town on me and didnt care about my feelings. We did have good times though. I was traveling out to her but, I felt like I was spending way too much money. I was spending money on bus rides and hotel rooms. She wasnt paying for anything. It was very draining. I didnt tell her how draining it was. I feel bad for not telling her but, it’s over with now. No need to dwell on it. Then she wanted me to drop everything and move out where she was. I felt that wasnt fair. It was almost turning into a long distance relationship until I finally called a quits.

Then I also dealt with another stud who was okay. But, I felt like she was talking to somebody else other than me. That’s called a woman intuition. We weren’t officially together yet. I just felt like my time was being waisted. Then I’ve dealt with another stud who would always come over my apartment hung over. Yes, I said it. HUNG OVER!! I kept calling her an alcoholic and then she would get mad at me. It used to piss me off because she would sleep everytime she came over. Knowing me, I love attention so, that wasnt going to work. I let it go on for a couple of weeks, almost a month than I ended it.

Does that mean I’ll stop dating studs and go to a femme? Nope, I just haven’t found the right stud that would take me seriously. I’ll be honest though, if I do come across that one femme than I might just give her a shot. Does that make me desperate? Nope, just having more options is all. Right now, I’m just getting to know people. My type of femme would have to be all natural and little to no makeup. That makeup turns me off sometimes. It has to be neutral. In all honesty, I’m a little afraid to date a femme. I’m scared because it’s out if my comfort zone. Never came across one. I think I’m going to be very shy toward them. I’ve been having a lot of bad luck with studs though to be honest. My faith is running low than it runs high again. It’s weird. I’m just focusing on myself right now. Sometimes the best thing to do is focus in your self and good things will come along. What’s your thoughts on this? Tell me your experiences in the comment section below. See you there!! 👋👋


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  1. Go for what you like boo!! I am a femme( I guess) I don’t label myself nor any others because ehh why? I’ve never dated a femme. I’m attracted to studs, BUT my current partner is FtM. When we first started dating obviously he wasn’t. So, now we appear as “straight”. I put quotes around it because I mean heck, I’m attracted to one person and that’s it. Would I date a man? No. However I love MY man. You get it? Lol point being.. take your time, and you never know.

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