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I see the word poly so much on these dating websites. What the hell does poly mean? Well let’s look it up…shall we? Poly this, poly that, what is it?

According to poly means “many: several: much: MULTI” Okay, so what does poly mean in sexual wise? According to it stated “A polysexual person is someone who is sexually and/or romantically attracted to multiple genders”. This kinda has something to do with the LGBTQ+ Community. A female could be attracted to two other females at the same time. A guy could be attracted to two other guys at the same time. My question is, how could you love two people at once? How much love can you give out? You don’t think you’ll be drained out of love? So many questions I have to ask.

I personally wouldnt be able to handle two people at once. I sometimes cant handle one person. That’s the truth. What if the other person gets jealous? What if the other person feels left out? Questions, Questions, Questions but, no answers. I mean its some people who could handle this all on their own. You have to invest money into both of them. Isn’t that too much money? You go on dates after dates…..You have sex after sex……Isn’t that a bit much? What if both of them catch feelings? I feel like that’s hard because you are dealing with someone else’s emotions. What if your not emotionally attached to your other partner? You see where I’m going with this right? So, many people claim that they are poly but, could just be with both of them because of the sex. It’s okay to show your love, I’m not downing that. Just make sure you are not in it for the wrong reasons. Just make sure you are not hurting anyone by playing with their feelings. If you are guilty of this, you should probably only handle one.

I mean I guess you can also look at it like this…..You have two people right? If you dont get along with one, you still have the other. So, you wouldnt really be single. You’ll still be the lucky one. But, what if both of the partners are messing around with other people? How would you know? By, snooping around on their social media all day? Checking their phone? That situation could really get messy. You got STD’S that you need to think about. You know the biggest one is HIV…..You dont want that, now do you?

I personally think that everyone in this type of relationship should get checked on the same day. You get your results back on the same day as well. Better safe than sorry. Oh another thing, how would your family feel about this? What if they have a problem with it because it’s not the normal thing to do? You probably wont care right? I’m sure you wont. Oh wait, what if one partner brings up marriage? How are you going to handle that? Are you going to marry both of them? You can’t be the selfish one in this. You have to think its other people involved other than you and your spouses? You would have to be the one to explain this side of you to so many people. They are going to have questions. You do know that right? Some people are against it. I’m not against it. I just want to know more about it. Hopefully, I do meet some people who done it before. Would love to know you all thoughts on this? Share your thoughts in the comment section. See you there!! 👋👋


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13 thoughts on “POLY THIS, POLY THAT!!!

  1. ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇

    Hmmm, very interesting EveryOne; in Sub-Atomic Spaces there ARE so many connections:

    ♤ Super Weak
    ♤ Weak
    ♤ Strong
    ♤ Super Strong
    ♤ Special
    ♤ Super Special – The One

    …if We Don’t Recognise The Super Special, The Only One, Then Tough Titties; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that in these cases We Have Let The One Go on to much, much, much more decent, pleasant pastures

    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇


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  2. I don’t know about the love you’re talking about. But I recall something from childhood. One of my cousins used to tease all the lil ones by asking whom do you love more.. mother or father?

    You can’t really measure love. You can love many people for their different things. I can love living things and non loving this for different reasons.

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      1. Actually, in India, cousins have this way of teasing the lil ones. So, yes I’m also guilty of asking the same to those who are younger than me.

        Another teasing thing I love is… She is not your mother, she’s my maternal aunt. This one irritates the kid so much that you burst out laughing.

        Lil harmless play all of us are used too…

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      2. Yes, I’m from india. What about you?
        Mind if you tell your name? Can’t be calling you lgbtq+ discussions 😂
        Lifestyle depends from person to person. But the culture is great and welcoming. We believe in relationships. Not only within family but also extended families and friends. Many are so generous that they know how to spread love to strangers too. Here’s a glimpse of my personal experience when I visited a slum to teach lower income community kids and how they welcomed me.

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      3. Taris is a name that I’ve come across for the first time. What does it mean?
        Hehe.. a lot of people take up pen names to keep their identities unkNown.. I thought you were one of them…your blog name and user name are same.. I just thought it would be really odd to call you that 😝 what do you like the most about your culture?

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      4. It’s a combination from my parents name. Lol and no I’m not one of them. I wanted my blog name and user name to be the same so people could find me. Lol and yes it would be a little odd to call me that. I like the food that we cook in our culture.


      5. Oh! I thought making names from parents names was a 2010s trend. Didn’t know that people were so creative 😁
        Food is indeed an important part defining the culture of any place.

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