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I’ve heard this saying in my high school days. That saying was “You Are Not Gay”. Basically, telling some one that they are not gay because of the things they do or did. I honestly hate this saying with a passion.

People in high school used to tell me that “You Are Not Gay” because I used to mess around with guys as well. It used to make me so mad. They used to say I was confused. It used to make me mad because, how can you tell some one that they are not gay? They used to also tell me that I was saying I was gay for attention. My thing is, how could some one be gay for attention? That doesnt even make since. What if they are really gay? I will be honest, I was messing around with guys in high school. But, that doesnt mean that I wasnt gay. Maybe I didnt know myself fully until now. Sometimes it takes time for people to realize that they are actually gay. I used to flirt with my friends in high school. Of course, they didnt like it because they actually weren’t gay.

You cant just tell some one what they are. You dont know their experiences until they tell you. You might think you know some one when turns out you dont. So, just be mindful of what you tell some one what they are. You have a lot of nerve to do so. What’s your take on this? Do you think its right for some one to tell somebody else “You Are Not Gay”? Comment in the comment section below. See you there!!! 👋👋


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15 thoughts on “YOU ARE NOT GAY!!!

  1. I remember reading this book called Funny Boy by Shyam Sylvadurai. It’s written from the perspective of a child who is stopped from playing with his girl cousins. He doesn’t like to play cricket. He loves to dress up like his mother but his family ends up calling him ‘funny’. He could not understand what was humorous about that.
    The book also talked about the political conflicts in Sri Lanka.

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  2. I remember my high school days. They were days where the word “awkward” was a constant.
    My mind wasn’t thinking sexuality during those years, I was just concerned about would I be exempt from writing exams at the end of the year.
    We seem to concentrate on a person’s sexuality, that is only a small fraction of who they really are. I like to know them aside their sexuality. How they are doing in school, their work, at home. Things that we could chat about over a cup of coffee.

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      1. I live in Canada. A former Prime Minister, Pierre Elliot Trudeau(yes the father of Justin) once said this:
        “The government has no business in the bedroom of Canadians.”
        I take it this way, I have no business in your bedroom. It is not my first question. As a matter of fact it shouldn’t be in a conversation at all.
        If one feels comfortable talking about that of themselves that is fine.
        I have never outed anyone, gay, bi, transgender, or other wise. I will carry that to my grave!


      2. I am so upset with the “White Evangelicals” in the States. Too much bigotry, racism, and seclusion.
        I use to be an Evangelical preacher. I disavowed myself after they began to support Donald Trump.
        It seems like they have become Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
        I just no longer understand them.
        Christ never turned anyone away. He loved people for who they were not by what they believed, He met them on the roads of life.


  3. I came out in 1993 at the age of 38, but I moved 1,386 miles to do it, completely disassociating myself from family and friends and starting a new life for myself. I came out with a vengeance, telling anyone and everyone that I was gay. Almost everyone in my family said that I wasn’t gay, or it was just a phase. Well, at the age of 38, I was pretty sure I was gay and that 25 years of knowing that I was gay was much more than a phase. I’m still disassociated from everyone.


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