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Have you ever felt like you were being too gay at times? Have you ever felt like you were doing too much? What’s your level of gayness? Wait, is that even a real question?

I dont think it’s a problem with being “too gay”… I think you are just expressing how proud you are as an individual. Sometimes people get jealous of how confident you are. So, they end up disliking you. So what!! Let them be mad. Its not your fault that they woke up on the wrong side of the bed that morning. Let me make this clear, you are not doing too much. You are doing perfectly fine. Your level of gayness should be extremely high and not low. PERIOD!!! Gay means happy and carefree. You shouldn’t have to worry about “doing too much”. That’s nonsense!!! If some one ever told you that you were being too gay. Kick them to the curve. Why does it matter to them so much anyway? That means they are not a real friend nor dont support your gayness.

You have the power to control what level you are on. Some people just cant reach you at your frequency. Their frequency is way to low for you to deal with it. Why even deal with it? Cant you just rotate the formula if its low? You are running out of energy. Remove the toxins. Dont beat your self up about it. Keep your same energy and stay focused. That confidence looks good on you. Dont get lost in the wilderness where all those crazy sayings appear. It is nothing wrong with being too gay. They just cant handle your gayness. At least it’s not apart of your weaknesses.

Your strength is you being too gay. That’s who you are. END OF STORY!!! What’s your take on this? Comment in the comment section below. See you there!!! 👋👋


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