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I absolutely love couples who are stud 4 stud. That is so attractive to me. I love seeing them on the internet expressing their love for each other. It makes me super excited. (Maybe too excited lol)…..

I get excited because a lot of people are very judgemental towards stud 4 stud. I’ve never understood why. They are still women at the end of the day. They have a vagina and boobs so, what’s the difference? You tell me, maybe I’m missing something here. I love it when lesbians can just express their love for each other. They express it so freely and that’s what you are supposed to do. You never really see stud 4 stud because it’s rare. Alot of studs are not really attracted to other studs. I’ve been told this so many times especially on dating websites. Alot of people are judgemental because they dress like guys which I dont think they should be judgemental.

I dont think they should be judgemental because they are still woman once again. I know I keep saying that because some people need to get that through their head. Now, we do have some studs who try to hard to act like a man. That is a straight turn off to me. They walk around with dildos and it’s just a turn off for me. PERIOD!!! But, that’s just my opinion. I’ve actually dealt with a stud who walked around with their dildo. I say, NEVER AGAIN!!! But, some people are attracted to that. If that’s you , hey than that’s you. Not me! Studs are so attractive to me. I would probably watch tqo studs naked, having sex. Lol, hey I’m just being honest. When I see a stud on the internet, I automatically like their picture. It’s just something about them. If you dont know what a stud is, I suggest you check out my my other post.


I will attach some videos of stud 4 stud. You tell me your thoughts in the comment section below. What’s your take on this? See you there!!! 👋👋


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