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I Remember…..

I remember a girl name nikki. Her name was Nichelle. She had the same name as my middle name. My middle name is Nichelle. I met her through a friend name Timothy. The one friend that I mentioned before. We were dating and so the story begins…..

I was so in love with this girl. She was my everything. We had good chemistry and everything. We hung out all the time and never got tired of her. I was getting close with her parents as well. They were so nice to me and very accepting of me. Her daddy used to call me monkey. I don’t know where that name came from. Lol. I just let him call me that. We used to hang out at her sister house constantly. I loved her sister. She was so nice to me. They didn’t judge me at all. We had our issues just like every couple does. I remember one day when we were arguing, she brought me flowers to make me feel better. That was the most sweetest thing. The flowers were delivered to my mom’s door. My mom opened the door and was like “Taris you got floweres” . My mom said it in an exciting way. I was super happy. She was like, are you going to put them in some water? I put them in a vase with water. The flowers were red roses. We broke up a couple times but, we always remained friends.

Out of no where…..

I recieved a phone call from Timothy.

Nikki passed away in a car crash. That broke my heart so bad. Her sister kept trying to invite me to the funeral. I couldn’t go because I had to work. I couldn’t call off. Me and Timothy got a little close. But, we ended not lasting our friendship. He was just so filled of drama. I couldn’t handle all of it as you all know. Nikki sister told me that she loved me so much and I knew she did. I really miss this girl. I still have feelings for her because we have unfinished business. But, she’s gone now. It’s nothing that I can do but continue to pray for myself and her family.

Out of no where…..

I was with my grandma at the shoe store. My grandma was buying me some shoes because I needed some. Guess who I ran into? I ran into nikki cousin or her sister. Or I think it was her auntie. It was one of those. And she gave me a hug. I asked her “how was the family?” She said they were good. I couldn’t believe she remembered me. It was an awesome day. All this to say, when you are with your girlfriend or boyfriend, make sure you cherish every moment you have with them. PERIOD.

END OF STORY!!!…..Comment your thoughts in the comment section below. See you there. 👋👋


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6 thoughts on “I Remember…..

  1. This is something that I’ve been willing to do this year of 2020 is to cherish my beautiful lady. I went from staying in the same home as my girl to living over 300 miles from her. It’s been a struggle! No! It’s not the same thing but my mind often drifts to how would it be if I didn’t have the chance to learn this lesson…thank you for sharing!!!

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