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Solving Problems With Long Distance Relationships

Everyone loves topics about “love”. Everyone wants to be loved by someone. It’s a good feeling to feel loved. But, sometimes you can love from a distance and it’ll still be the same love out there if you play your cards right. By distance, I mean long distance relationships. Long distance relationships has its pros and cons. Today I will be discussing why it’s good to do a long distance relationship. I will also be discussing my outside thoughts on long distance relationships.

Considering the fact, that I’ve never been in a long distance relationship. Long distance relationships is a process to keep up with. You have to keep up with the person at all times. Once you don’t hear from them, it’s like all hell breaks loose. That’s where the problems comes in at. These thoughts are coming from an outsider. I’ve always dated some one close to me. So, I could imagine dating some one far from me.

Within the LGBTQ+ Community, there’s a lot of relationships that are long distance. We tend to fall in love easy. Distance most times doesnt matter to us when love comes in the picture. I’ve seen plenty of long distance couples on YouTube who seem to be working out fine. That right there gives me hope within our community. Those couples are very inspiring to a lot of us. I’m not going to mention any. I want to see if some of you all might know those couples. That’s where the discussion comes in at. Now, let’s get right with the topic shall we.

It’s good to do a long distance relationship because you will always have something to discuss amongst each other. It’s also good to do a long distance relationship because the time apart that you have from each other. It will make you both cherish the moments more that you have with each other. COMMUNICATION is key with any relationship but, with long distance relationship you have to practice great COMMUNICATION. If you don’t communicate, you have nothing to work with. That’s the sad part.

I feel like within the LGBTQ+ Community, we forget to communicate with others. We get so sidetracked by being by ourselves we forget it’s some one else in the picture. That’s coming from my own experience with dealing with women. I personally feel like if you can’t communicate than it’s no need to move further. PERIOD!!! Now, here are some of my outside thoughts on long distance relationships.

I personally feel like if you are clingy. I feel like you shouldn’t do a long distance relationship. You will be in suffering mode. You will want to talk, and be underneath your partner at all times. If you want to, shoot your shot. No judgement over here. I would just tell you to be careful with that. I feel like with women we get attached more and we miss each other. Well, because you all know what goes down with women in general. Welp, I think I covered everything I just about wanted to discuss on this topic. If you want me to get deeper, let me know. I would definitely do it for you. Talk with you all tomorrow. 👋👋